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Welcome to Reroothealth,

I am Deepika Rachwani 

(Certified Clinical & Functional Nutritionist)

Are you ready to nourish your body with wholefoods so you can have?

  • balanced blood sugar levels,
  • less cravings
  • more energy
  • more stable weight &
  • better digestion? 

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At Reroothealth,

My approach is practical, evidenced based and is shaped by many of my own experiences, which is all about creating balance in life. I have a HUGE passion to help empower women and men to feel happy, confident and live the healthy balanced life you deserve! It’s my mission to help you learn that healthy living should be fun, rewarding, enjoyable and NOT boring, difficult or feel like a chore.

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I’m Deepika,

I am a Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), Gut health practitioner and a certified Clinical Nutrition Specialist and an absolute foodie.  

Reroothealth, stems from my personal life’s experiences. Battling with PCOS and emotional binging with guilt and shame for few years, I know first-hand how food can change your life, because it transformed mine!

Offering individual

Counselling and Programs for


IBS • Fatty Liver • Crohn’s Disease • Leaky Gut • Colitis • Digestive issues • GERD • SIBO Diverticulosis • GI infections

Chronic Illness

Heart disease • Thyroid issues • Stroke • Fatigue Autoimmune diseases • Kidney Stones • Diabetes Weight gain or loss • Inflammation


A comprehensive approach to weight loss including: Whole foods • Exercise • Sleep • Mindset coaching

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We develop a plan of care that encompasses genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

The emphasis is on ensuring the diet operates not merely as fuel but as medicine, nurturing and healing the body at a cellular level.

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